Going Viral: A Case Study​

Going Viral: A Case Study

(The Westin Cozumel)​

As avid content creators, we are constantly striving to find that next piece of photo or video that is going to take the internet by storm. Luckily for you, we have near perfected the art of creating ‘short form’ Viral Instagram Content. We specialize in filming and delivering high quality engaging videos like the one pictured to the right to help share your property with the world. 

This video was a simple sweeping drone shot revealing the luxurious grounds of The Westin Hotel on the Island of Cozumel, Mexico. By gaining traction after being posted to our social media channels, this clip spread all across the internet, dominating Instagram’s explore page for almost a week. It picked up over 3 million views and was reposted by over 100 Travel Brand Pages (just from the posts that we were able to count). You can view a full breakdown pictured below.

This is just one of many Viral Drone clips that have been posted through our social media. To see some insights and more examples, check below.

This content gets reposted by hundreds of luxury travel pages all across the internet and is seen by millions of people almost overnight. All of which leads to a lot of interested watchers wondering how exactly they can book their next vacation at your property. And the best part… they have a location tag right at the top!

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Some screenshots of the hundreds of page reposts our Westin Cozumel video received.

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