My Travel Essentials

After a few years of traveling, I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of this whole packing thing! Here’s exactly what’s on me at all times, no matter where I am in the world. I’ve added links to where you can find them as well.


No matter what trip I go on, these are always with me. Here’s what and why:

Rain Jacket

The number one thing I refuse to travel without is a good rain jacket. You never know when it will rain, and when it does you’ll be happy you have one. 

Water Shoes

I honestly don’t even pack sneakers or hiking boots anymore unless I have a serious hike planned. Perfect for exploring, and if you need a little bit more support just wear socks 🙂 I got these for $30 on Amazon

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

These are such a game changer for long trips and travel. No more crying babies and annoying flight announcements. Make sure you keep the AUX cord for flights so you can plug into in flight entertainment! I got these for $40 on Amazon and they work better than my old Beats!

Universal Power Adaptor

I think I have about 3 of these. You can never have too many and it’ll be the one thing you always need. This one is great because it has USB charging built in.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

Save your skin while saving the environment. My two favorite brands right now are Goddess Garden and Stream2Sea

Mosquito Repellent

This is definitely one I always remember AFTER I need it. Just carry it everywhere, you’ll thank me later. 

Hand Sanitizer

I’ve been bringing hand sanitizer with me everywhere for the past 5 years. You never know when you’ll need your hands and things can get gross quick! Make sure to get alcohol-based sanitizer as it is able to destroy viruses (Corona Virus etc.)

Power Bank

The best power bank for the best price. For some reason my phone battery always drains faster when I’m traveling. For that reason, I always carry a 25000 mAh Power Bank with me. I get at least 5 full charges of my phone with these. 

Reusable Water Bottle 

Single-use plastic water bottles are one of the most pointlessly destructive threats to our planet. Thankfully, it is becoming easier to find refill points when traveling. You’ll be surprised how many bottles you save just by being conscious. I recently started using this huge 1-Liter bottle and I LOVE IT. (they have smaller sizes as well)

Microfiber Towel

Fast drying and tiny. For those staying in hostels, this will help save you money by not having to rent a towel. I personally love going to waterfalls or to the beach with these. 


For when clean drinking water isn’t available, this is a great alternative. Great when traveling to 3rd world countries with unreliable water sources.

Shampoo Bar

This shampoo bar is technically not a liquid, so you are allowed to fly with this in your carry on. Shampoo bars are a great zero-waste alternative to regular shampoo bottles!

Daily/Weekly Planner 

It’s always great to stay organized and although some people can do it all on their phone, I prefer to write my plans down. For this year I’m currently using this daily/weekly planner

Travel Pocket Wifi

If you’re from the US, T-mobile is the best network to choose as it offers network usage overseas for free. Verizon and Sprint charge $10 a day, so you’d be better off getting a local SIM for shorter trips, or getting travel Wifi! **Get 10% off using discount code ‘SIMPLYSANTOS’**

Toiletries Holder 

Small things will get lost. It’s great to have a toiletries holder where you keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc. 


I used to HATE packing… now I love it! These are a few things that make it easier, and the bags I like to use on every trip.


PACKING CUBES CHANGED MY LIFE. Seriously. These cubes are designed to fit in a single carry on, so as long as you fit everything inside the cubes you will fit in your carry-on. 

American Tourister Carry- on

Using the packing cubes mentioned before, I try to fit all of my clothes in a carry-on bag at all times. This helps with occasional baggage fees and just makes life easy!

Small Travel Backpack

With a carry-on full of clothes, I use this backpack for everything else. I usually fit my laptop, camera, sweater, passport, baby wipes, and other small essentials in here and use it for day trips. (Make sure it has a waterproof cover!)

Cheaper (flexible) Packing Cubes 

The standard packing cubes work great for carry-ons, but when you want to add a little more I use these mesh packing cubes to organize my clothes.

Large Travel Backpack

On longer trips where I need to bring more, I love having a big backpack. I use this backpack as it looks a little fancier than others, is high quality, and fits way more than I thought it would (including my freediving fins!)


I’m a firm believer in not paying too much, or for things I don’t need, which is why I choose SafetyWing as my travel insurance provider. Since I’m always on the go I literally only pay $40 a month and I’m covered wherever I am. You can also do trip specific coverage as well. You can get a quote here (it really is the best/cheapest option I’ve found):

The only downside to SafetyWing is that your items aren’t covered, nor are extreme sports. For that, I’d either look into your homeowners’ insurance, or use World Nomads Insurance


Sony A7 III
The camera that captures 90% of our films and pictures.

Sony 16-35 f/4
This wide-angle lens is sharp, has good auto-focus and is perfect for vlogging and capturing the landscape. 

Sony 24-105 f/4 G
My absolute favorite lens from Sony. Covers nearly all of my shooting needs.

SanDisk Extreme SD
Large capacity SD with a fast write speed.

A7III Battery Charger
Charges 2 Sony batteries at once with micro-USB.

JOBY Gorilla Pod 3K
Portable tripod that can be mounted virtually anywhere. 

DJI Mavic 2 (Pro)
Our latest purchase. The quality is absolutely amazing.

DJI Fly More Kit
The extra batteries that come with the Fly More Combo are essential for travel.

64GB Micro SD
Has a write speed fast enough for our drone.

RODE VideoMic Pro
How we capture audio with the camera and record voice overs.

Lens Pen
My favorite lens cleaning tool. Important for not damaging and scratching your lenses.


Apple 15″ Macbook Pro

I’ve had mine for 4 years now and it’s worked perfectly. Make sure to customize it so that it’s fast enough for your needs.

Wacom Tablet (Small)

THIS BROUGHT MY PHOTO EDITING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. If you are serious about photography I would recommend getting one. You’ll thank me later. I use the small size and find it fits my needs perfectly. 

Seagate 2TB External Hardrive

It’s always smart to play it safe. I like to keep a backup of all my photos here. 

SanDisk 2TB External SSD

A bit more expensive than a normal external, but with an SSD hard drive you can actually work off of it with zero lag (using USB 3.1). Absolute game-changer. 

Noise – Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Allows me to work anywhere and everywhere without distraction. I got my pair for $40 on Amazon and they work better than my old pair of Beats. 

External Power Board / Strip

Because there are never enough outlets! Seriously, it makes working in Cafe’s a lot easier, along with charging all of your things from one outlet. 


Underwater Housing
Surprisingly cheap underwater housing that takes our camera to 40m.

Underwater Tray
Used for attaching lights and provides smoother filming underwater.

BigBlue Underwater Light
4000 Lumen light with a wide-angle of view for video.

Ball Clamps
Used to attach accessories to the camera tray.

Aluminum Arms
Also used to attach accessories to the camera tray.

GoPro Hero 8 Black

If you’re only snorkeling I honestly wouldn’t even bother with underwater housing. The new GoPro is amazing underwater. 

GoPro Hero 8 Protective Housing

The GoPro is only waterproof to 10 meters.. get this for diving or going deep. 

SEAC Freediving Fins

The only pair of freediving fins that actually fit my feet (most girls will find this to be true! – they run a half size large!)

Freediving Socks

Ok so my feet are still a littleee too small, but I use these to fit well into the fins. 

Cressi Dive Mask
Low volume mask that doesn’t fog. Don’t forget to get a good snorkel too 🙂 

And that’s it! Feel free to comment if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions and be sure to follow the adventure on Instagram at @simplysantos <3 Happy Travels!

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