Intro to Belize and Laru Beya

Ohh Belize. A paradise I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time now. “Is it a country? Is it an island?” Everyone’s heard of it, but no one really knows much about it. My answer? It’s PARADISE!

Located just below Mexico on the eastern coast (just below Playa del Carmen and Tulum), lies the amazing country known as Belize. Once ruled by the Ancient Mayans, their values and traditions of respecting mother earth are still very strong and makes this not only one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been, but also one of the most rewarding and well preserved.

We wanted to check out more than just one spot to really see what the country has to offer, and we wanted to do it right. Belize is known as a dream honeymoon destination. So naturally, we wanted to visit some of the most romantic hotels not only in Belize, but in the WORLD. We started in the south and made our way north. First stop was the amazing beachfront Laru Beya in Placencia (followed by its two sister resorts Belizean Dreams and Coco Plum Island Resort).

Upon arrival, we were expecting to have an amazing vacation, but we got much much more. You can find out more through their website

Location/Getting There

Laru Beya means “on the beach” in the local Garifuna language, and that’s exactly where it is in the beautiful town of Placencia. Placencia is located in the southern part of Belize. To get there you can either take a 35-minute flight from Belize City, arrange a private van transfer (about 3-4 hours) or take the local bus (about 4-5 hours). Your flight isn’t included with most packages here at Laru Beya, but they can absolutely arrange it for you. Just in case you’re hopping around (like us) they can also help arrange transportation from anywhere else in Belize. Upon arrival you are greeted with an amazing welcome cocktail, giving you just a taste of what’s to come!

Laru Beya Welcome Drink Kiwi Kiss
Our welcome drink (also included on the unlimited local alcohol list) called the "Kiwi Kiss"


There are 3 main packages to choose from, each having different perks. We initially went with the Just Chillin’ package, but once we arrived decided to do a little extra! All packages include all daily meals and unlimited local drinks. Here’s a little rundown on the differences of each, but to see more in depth you can compare the different packages here:

  • Just Chillin’ package (relaxing package)
    • If all you want is to spend time at the beach and nothing else then this is for you (no tours are included)
  • Best of Southern Belize Package (adventure package)
    • For those who don’t want to spend all their time on the resort and see what the area has to offer this ones for you! Included are their scheduled tours (we took a few and loved them! More on that below) and you can use the golf cart and drive into town! Placencia is a very cute fisherman town with a lot of restaurants, different beaches, and a vibrant downtown. You can get there in less than 10 minutes by Golf Cart (a littleee too far for us to walk so definitely recommend this).
  • Romance/Honeymoon Package (lovers package)
    • Aka everything you could possibly want.. AND MORE. They really took romance to another level here. Although we didn’t get this package, we did opt for the private candlelit dinner after seeing another couple do it and just WOW. The stars were amazing, the food and staff were amazing, the bottle of wine was very much appreciated, and eating right on the beach surrounded by a lit up heart of flower petals was just out of this world.
    • This also includes all of the scheduled tours and golf cart

The Property

Something I loved was how small Laru Beya felt. They have 30 units in total, but it feels like less since you always have so much space to yourself. There is the main reception office when you walk in, and further back along the beach are the 3 buildings and the pool. Each building is named after a native bird in Belize, and is maximum 3 stories high.

When you arrive there’s a lovely board with the names of everyone who is checking in (I loved this little personal touch) and the scheduled adventure tours. Right behind that is an area with mini golf! It’s surrounded by beautiful leaves so it almost feels like you’re playing in the Belizean jungle.

Heading back towards the beach you’re met with the calm light blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. There are a few chairs set up for those who want to sunbathe, along with a section with all the water sports. In the sandy area they have beach games like corn hole.

The Room

We stayed in a one-bedroom oceanfront suite that was absolutely beautiful. The kitchen was nicer than my kitchen at home and had everything you’d ever need to cook the best meal of your life (as much as I love to cook we didn’t end up using it since the food at the restaurant was SO GOOD). The living room was a great size, and the bedroom felt so homey. It wasn’t like I was at a hotel, it was as if I was at my own luxury beachfront apartment. Both the bedroom and living room connected to the balcony that had a hammock, and if you’re on the first floor you can walk straight onto the beach.

The Food (and Drinks!)

I’m going to let the photos do the talking on this one but all I can say is WOW. Unlike most all-inclusive resorts, there is no dreaded buffet food. All meals are served a-la-carte at their restaurant Quarterdeck (with an amazing view of the pool and ocean). You can also get room service, and there is always staff ready to assist while you’re out by the pool. There is a menu, along with a chef’s special every day. Both the menu and specials were absolutely amazing. The attention to detail, the plating, and the portion sizes were perfect. If you’re a seafood lover you will be in heaven, as Placencia is a fishing town there is plenty of amazing local fresh fish caught daily. However, even if you don’t like seafood, this was one of the few places you could find good quality beef (very rare in Belize). They also have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

The drinks were also extremely impressive. I thought having the unlimited drinks only be local would be a downside, but there was an amazing variety and all of the drinks were so good. You can get almost anything your heart desires (the only thing not on the local list is wine) and the bartenders all have their own expertise! **straws are NOT made from plastic, but from a biodegradable corn-based material 🙂 

Things to Do

Whether you want to relax and do absolutely nothing but lay on the beach, or if you want to venture out, the possibilities are endless. Included in all (except the just chillin’ package) are the scheduled tours. Each day is a different destination. **only run on weekdays**

Included tours can be:

  • Mayan Ruins
  • Zipline + Waterfall or Tubing
  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Monkey River Boat Cruise
  • Reef Fishing

Or you can grab the golf cart and explore the different beaches.

On site, they also have corn-hole and horseshoes, along with non-motorized water sports equipment included (paddle boarding, Hobie Cat, kayaks, snorkels) and bicycles. The sunrise here is absolutely GORGEOUS and calm, I absolutely recommend doing a sunrise SUP if you’re up for it.

There are also additional tours and activities you can do for an additional cost which include scuba diving, birding, caving, and fly fishing!

If staying at the sister resorts as well, we recommend saving the snorkeling/diving for those since they are closer. But if you’re only staying here absolutely go for it!

From our Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary scheduled adventure tour.
From our Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary scheduled adventure tour.

Final Thoughts

I loved how “at-home” I felt here. It was so quiet and peaceful, which made it extremely ROMANTIC. I felt like I had my own little beach house with the luxury of having world-class food and activities of a resort all in one. The one thing that was consistent across all three sister properties and that absolutely blew us away was the CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Everyone here knew everyone’s names, and even food preferences. It was simply perfect.

They also made efforts to be sustainable! None of the straws or take away containers were made out of plastic. We also really appreciated that the resort is Belizean owned! See how it compares to its sister resorts from our Belizean Dreams Hotel Review and Coco Plum Island Resort Review and be sure to check out the Laru Beya website for more information at

To check out the equipment we used to capture these awesome moments look at our Travel Gear!

For more photos visit our review on TripAdvisor and follow along on Instagram!

**Disclaimer: we were hosted by Laru Beya and sister resorts as guests, however all thoughts, photos and opinions are our own.

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