Imagine the nicest beach you’ve ever been to, filled with a few of the nicest people you’ve ever met, along with a superior personal chef, unlimited alcohol, and the person you love. What could be better than that? Coco Plum Island Resort.

I tried to write this as non-biased as I could, but holy $#@* this is the best place on earth. “Is it reallyyyy worth being the #2 Most Romantic Hotel on TripAdvisor and #1 Wedding Destination on Conde Nest… IN THE WORLD?” Short answer: yes. Long answer, keep reading to find out why!

Location/Getting There

Since the resort is IT’S OWN ENTIRE ISLAND, they have their own transportation to get you there. If you fly into Belize City, you can then take a quick puddle-jumper plane ride to Dangriga where your driver will pick you up and bring you to the dock. You’ll then board a speed boat, and in just 20 minutes you’ll be arriving to paradise. ALL PACKAGES INCLUDE BOTH THE AIR AND BOAT TRANSFER EXCEPT THE BASIC ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE, THE JUST CHILLIN’ PACKAGE, AND THE DIVING PACKAGE. More on packages below 🙂

Once you get there, you’ll be heaven. Literally… except with a welcome drink in hand 😉


Just like its sister properties of Belizean Dreams and Laru Beya, Coco Plum Island Resort offers different packages that cater to different wants and needs. There are 8 different packages, and they are:

  • All-Inclusive Package
  • Honeymoon Package
  • Romance Package (essentially the same as the honeymoon package)
  • Inland + Island Package
    • *Spend half the time at the sister resort Belizean Dreams and half on the island at Coco Plum
  • Private Island Rental
  • Fishing Package
  • Just Chillin’ Package
  • Diving Package

For an in-depth comparison of each package, see their comparison chart here

Overall, they all have the same basics. The Just Chillin package would be the most bare, and for those who literally want to chill on the beach and do nothing else (it’s the only one without tours included). All packages include unlimited local alcoholic beverages except the diving package, but that one includes 2 full dives per full day of your stay. The romantic and honeymoon packages include a bottle of wine and private candlelit dinner. Even though we didn’t have the romantic package, we were able to add that on to ours!

The Island

The island itself is 16 acres of pure white sand. If you were to walk around the island in a full circle, it would take you around 20-25 minutes (probably more though as it’s hard to not stop and enjoy such beautiful views!) Each inch of the island is surrounded by crystal clear water, and you’ll sometimes see a few friendly visitors in the water! We saw sea stars, reef sharks, eagle rays and marble rays all in the shallows! There are also a bunch of pelicans that stick around the docks.

Where you arrive from the boat is the north end of the island and is also where the restaurant and main reception offices are located. Right next to that is the bar, pool, and a little beach area where you’ll find all the non-motorized water sports equipment.

Everyone gets their own private cabana, with the exception of there being one 3-bed/3-bath overwater villa. Each cabana has a name, rather than a number, and are all different colors. Each Cabana is standalone, and has its entrance directly on the beach.

Aerial of Coco Plum Island Resort Belize

The “Room”

Facing the beautiful sun rise, you’ll wake up in your own private little house right on the beach with everything you need, and just that.. simplicity at its finest. Each room is so remote and private, that there are no room keys on this island. The door stays unlocked, and you are free. No need to worry about anything, as there are no visitors on the island, only guests and staff (who also live on the island while they are working).

The Bar

I don’t usually make a separate section for this, but in this case it’s well deserved. The bar seems to be the central location of the island. Not sure what you want to do? Head to the bar. Hungry? Head to the bar. Thirsty? Yep, bar. Looking for someone? Probably at the bar haha. The main reason for this isn’t just because drinks are free, but because the bartenders are so amazing (..and may or may not be wanting to keep you a little drunk the whole time:p) On Wednesday nights they even have karaoke, where the manager will even join! The atmosphere is just so laid back and fun, and the view from the bar is absolutely stunning (along with the view from basically anywhere on the island).

The Food

So get this.. there is no choice in meals. There is only a set menu. I’ve never seen somewhere that didn’t have different food options. As someone who is a very picky eater, I was worried about this at first. But not once was I ever disappointed about a meal, in fact they were all DELICIOUS. From a romantic and stress point of view you also don’t realize how stressful choosing what to have for dinner can be (at least for Tom and I, it might be the only thing we ever argue about haha!) By not having to choose what you eat, the relaxation factor increases higher than you ever thought imaginable. For those with dietary restrictions, they are very accommodating and will make something else in that case.

There are set times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with an additional time period for a bar snack (I HIGHLY recommend getting the bar snack every day. So good.) If, for some reason, you feel you need more food or get hungry at a time outside of those hours, they will quickly and happily get you something to eat!

The exception to the set menu is on Friday evenings, when they have a Belizean Buffet!

Things to Do

While it may be tempting to just relax on the island, there is plenty to do as well. Included in the all-inclusive tour packages is the Mayan Ruin Tour, Zipline + Cave Tubing Tour, and Snorkeling tours (and might I add some of the BEST snorkeling I’ve ever done). There are also specialty tours that include fishing and diving, and some people even chose to do a cooking class with the Island Chef! If you’re spending the day at the island, they have kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and hobie cat sailing available for everyone as well.

We went diving on Glover’s Reef one day and it was spectacular. The diving itself was out of this world, and the island we stopped at for our surface interval was completely empty and beautiful. Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world (only behind Australia’s Great Barrier Reef) and it’s in such great condition. During the months of March-July on a full moon you can see whale sharks! We also went snorkeling, and were greeted by some friendly turtles, beautiful visibility, rays, and healthy coral!

Glover's Atoll - home of the most beautiful surface interval during our dive day

The Romance

You might be wondering what exactly makes this place so romantic… you know.. other than it being its own private island in the middle of paradise. Each cabana is strategically located far enough away from each other, and also guarded by some shrubbery, so you truly feel like you are the only ones around.

On the far end of the island is a private beach. There, anything goes. We went a few times and were alone each time. Each room has a cooler, so we brought that along with a few drinks and just RELAXED.

They offer romantic candlelit dinners out over the water, complete with hearts everywhere and a bottle of wine and away from everyone else, where you can truly just appreciate the beauty of the moment, and cherish the one you’re with.

The island is small, but big enough that you can be alone with the one you love.

Final Thoughts

No words can do justice to how amazing it is here.. you just have to go! While everything on the island is absolutely perfect, it was actually the staff that really put it over the top. From the second you land in Belize they go above and beyond to make sure you have the best experience of your life.

See how it compared to its sister resorts at our Laru Beya Hotel Review and Belizean Dreams Hotel Review and find out more about Coco Plum Island Resort at their website 

The sunsets were magical from every angle of the island. Make sure you catch at least a few 🙂

To check out the equipment we used to capture these awesome moments look at our Travel Gear!

For more photos visit our review on TripAdvisor and follow along on Instagram!

**Disclaimer: we were hosted by Belizean Dreams as guests, however all thoughts, photos and opinions are our own.

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