Instead of the usual two-person travel we almost always do, we were visiting Nashville with a group of 4 (all Australians, lucky me) so we decided to look into places a little bit more “group friendly”. We were two couples, and found that sharing a hotel room could be a little bit too intrusive, and that you weren’t really sure what you were getting with Airbnb (had some GREAT ones, but also some disappointers, especially location-wise). That’s when we found Bode… And all I can say is WOW!

Everything was so perfect: the location, the rooms, the outdoor area, the sunrise, the sunset, the design, the soap… everything! It was just so beautiful and CLEAN!


There were three things we really wanted to see in Nashville: The Johnny Cash Museum, The Country Hall of Fame Museum, and just Broadway overall. These are all located right downtown in Music City, only a few blocks away from Bode! The longest walk was about 5 minutes (there are also these new scooters popping up everywhere. So much fun and totally worth it. We’ve explored a few cities on Lime Scooters and couldn’t recommend them enough!) From our room we had an amazing view of the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge, with the Pedestrian Bridge close behind. The view at night is unbelievable.

There’s no shortage of restaurants, bars, museums, scooters, or things to do all in walking distance. We found that Nashville had quite the charm to it.


Even though we were walking distance to literally everything, I almost forgot to see Nashville because I didn’t want to leave Bode! There’s a communal area downstairs that has a café and marketplace, allowing a chill workspace, but also a place to get everything you might have forgotten (or are craving). On our first night we ordered the meat & cheese platter, paired with a bottle of James wine for the night and it was DELICIOUS. Our second night there was a big football game on, so we watched it on-site on the projector, and made some s’mores around one of the fireplaces (we got all the materials from the marketplace for the s’mores as well. It was a must do since the Australian’s had never had them before!). That brings me to the next coolest thing: the “chill” area!

The area around the marketplace is perfect for hanging out and grabbing a drink with friends or a dinner with family. There’s a remodeled old pick-up truck that has a table with lights on it. There are multiple tables areas to sit. They have a few different fireplaces for guests to use. And also have an “entertainment” area where we watched the game on the big projector (you can also watch movies, or anything you’d like), played cornhole, ping pong, and sat on some swings. Perfect place for hanging out (or for photos. Seriously Instagramable, I can definitely see the truck becoming a big insta-spot)

Bode Nashville Truck


Imagine the best Airbnb you’ve ever stayed in, except it’s a hotel, and just better. That’s Bode in a nutshell. We stayed two nights in a 3-Bedroom Apartment, equipped with EVERYTHING. It literally felt like someone’s house (I even took detailed videos of it all for future apartment inspiration, seriously whoever designed these deserves a metal). The kitchen is fully stocked with everything and anything you could need, and thankfully has a dishwasher, a full size fridge, microwave, stovetop, and a convention oven. They also have this cool drink making station that had tools I don’t know how to use and those metal-shakers you see professional bartenders use (so if you’re any good at making drinks now is the time to show off!).

The living room is equipped with a full size sofa and extra chairs, comfortably fits about 5-6 people. There’s a coffee table perfect for board games. The TV is a Google/SmartTV, which we were able to easily hook up to our phones. There was a guitar hanging up that was actually usable (and in tune!). The thermostats are the smart thermostats that are popping up everywhere. I literally felt like a grandma changing the temperature since I’ve actually never seen one before, but it was really cool! There’s also a Bluetooth speaker in the apartment.

The 3 Bedroom apartment comes with 2 full bathrooms. Fully stocked with their branded shampoo and conditioner. Plenty of towels and toilet paper. There’s also no shortage of mirrors. Both the living room and master bedroom connect to the outdoor balcony. While it was a little bit too cold to enjoy the outdoor seating, the view was AMAZING. We were on the south side (towards Broadway, room 307 to be exact) and had an amazing view of the bridge both during the day and at night.

Maid-service is a-la-carte (so if you want it you can get it), but I actually liked not having maid service. I honestly felt at home at this place (seriously, apartment/flat goals). If you do need reception or guest services, you can simply call or text the number they message you on. **when making your reservation, be sure to put in the cell phone of someone actually going**

Bode Bathroom
Bode Living Area Room Couch
Bode Master Bedroom 3BR


Here’s where Bode stands out the most from everywhere I’ve been. I received PHENOMENAL service without actually meeting anyone. They sent a text message upon confirmation. The day before arrival they send you a reminder text, and the day of they send you a text message with your personal access code, wifi password, and anything else you might need! Since each code is personalized, the second you arrive and punch in that code for the first time you get a “Welcome!” text, along with any numbers or information you might need. This method takes away the need for having to go to reception to check in, and also allows for keyless travel. If you’d like, you can go your entire time without actually having to talk to anyone. (Makes it feel like your very own apartment!)

If you do have any questions, you can text or call them back at the same number. There is also an information sheet inside with things to do in the area, emergency numbers, food delivery, etc. 

There is a marketplace and cafe downstairs that has literally everything you could need. We bought quite a few things here ranging from wine, s’mores, and a meat & cheese board. The staff is extremely friendly and accomodating. They put the game on the projector for us and even gave us the great tip of putting Reese’s on our s’mores (who knew they could get even better!)

Meat and Cheese Platter Bode Nashville

Final Thoughts

If I could live at Bode, I would. That’s the best way to describe my experience there overall. This is the first of its kind, and I’m excited to see more pop up. They have additional locations opening in the next few years in Chattanooga, Palm Springs, Indian Wells, and Orange County. I’m excited to see how they grow in the next few years. I see a biggg future for Bode, and highly recommend to anyone. They call themselves the “group-friendly hotel alternative” and it is exactly that (although they do have single rooms as well!). Whether it’s with family or friends, it’s the perfect abode to both enjoy the city, and enjoy the company. Check them out for yourself and get ready to book your Nashville adventure on their website !

Bode Nashville Night Truck

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**Disclaimer: we were hosted by Bode 401 Nashville as guests, however all thoughts, photos and opinions are our own.

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