Patricia Santos
«Travel is the healthiest addiction»
Patricia Santos \ Simply Santos
Patricia Santos

Born on: April 02, 1995

Fun fact: Spent 6 months on a sailboat in Indonesia

Hometown: Middletown, CT

Languages: English, Español, Portugués

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Patricia Santos, aka Simply Santos, has been jet-setting the globe since 2015. Her first solo trip was at the age of 19 to Australia, and she’s never looked back. Leaving behind a chemical engineering degree, she sought after something she didn’t think school or the lab could teach her. With a new meaning and appreciation of life, she now hopes to show others that they too can do the same. She enjoys slow travel, and her favorite hobbies are diving, photography, and long walks on the beach (along with the occasional wine or two)

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From camera gear to travel essentials, find out what's always in her bag when she's on the road.

I hope you find the courage to change your life. in the small ways, in the big ways, in every way that matters... this life does not come to us to be perfectly understood, but to be fully experienced, in every direction we can possibly reach.

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